GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

Ensuring maximum coverage in the DOR-2-DOR (Rochester) Distribution Zones, our fully trained Post People are tracked using the unique Post People Zone route logger.

Delivery Satisfaction

Using the very latest GPS technology, our Post People™ are monitored during the distribution. This gives us detailed tracks of every street and home delivered to in the drop zone so that we can verify the accurate completion of the round.

Detailed Reporting

Once your distribution campaign has been completed we can supply detailed reports of your delivery. This includes a summary of the distribution zones ordered and the dates the zones were completed.

Peace of Mind

With full GPS tracking of the delivery process and the individual reports supplied by each Post Person, we are able to show the distribution has been carried out to a high level of saturation (98%+) in the drop zones.

What is GPS tracked leaflet distribution?

Our deliverers carry a GPS logging device which uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track their precise location. The recorded location data is stored within the loggers until they complete their allocated drop.

Once the delivery has been completed, we download the data from each logger and check it meticulously to ensure each household within your targeted zones have been delivered to.

Using this data, we can display it against a map backdrop using the Google Maps system and produce maps with the route the deliverer walked as you can see in the examples below.

Individual Tracked Round Sample

Various Tracked Rounds

Why do we offer GPS tracked leaflet distribution?

The DOR-2-DOR (Rochester) delivery system has been developed over 30 years and is operated throughout our growing franchise network. The system of careful Post People management has proved highly effective over the years. So effective in fact that our guarantee gives you total peace of mind knowing that we will achieve 98% absolute minimum household saturation.

However technology is always moving on and the GPS satellite system that gives us Sat Nav in our cars amongst other things is now available as a tool to track our Post People™ as they deliver your unaddressed marketing material.

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